Hot and humid weather coupled with thunderstorms have helped our garden grow.  Can you find the blooms on the potato plants?  The bright orange blooms are marigolds which help keep away potato bugs.  Our onions are over a foot tall now!

Garden Update

The third graders cut and dried their seed potatoes in mid-May then planted in the school garden.  By early June, only 16 potato plants had sprouted.  It looks like many of the potatoes didn’t make it.  It was extremely hot and dry so we watered, mulched with straw and picked weeds.   Late in June, the marigolds bordering the potato plants were starting to get big!  160 white onions were planted along the remaining border of the school garden’s retaining wall.  Today, the garden was weeded.  The potato plants are over a foot tall.  The marigolds are in full bloom, and the onions are between 6 and 10 inches tall.  We have had some heavy rains and nice sunny days.

Harvest Day – September 14, 2015

Today Lincoln 3rd graders harvested the potato crop in our school garden.  Last spring 10 pounds of seed potatoes were planted.  Today 40 pounds of potatoes were harvested and donated to the Crisis Center of Johnson County.  Students worked with parent volunteers to dig the potatoes and clean off the extra dirt.  The ring of marigolds are in full bloom and add beauty to the playground.  20150914_112345 20150914_112348 20150914_112407 20150914_112449